j__r0d’s First Post

This post was salvaged from my first attempt at making a hugo website, before I obliterated it accidentally

I have decided it is finally time to figure out how to host a Hugo website. My current website has been ‘under construction’ for 2 years.

May this blog serve as my 📢to the world!

I actually tried to do this one day a few weeks ago, but I was stumped by some of the ’larger picture’ details of how to properly implement a functional site. Turns out I was overthinking it as usual.

I decided to ask the OpenAI chat appliction for help.


I have seen a few examples of other’s successful chats with the AI, and was more than impressed that the responses were not only correct (mostly), but also well written. Having worked in a tech support role for a number of years, I recognize that there is a certain art to forming a response to a technical question. Depending on how you structure and phrase the content, you can properly answer any questions, or answer questions that the end-user may not have even thought of yet. Thoroughness, and specifically responding to each question in any query, can go a very long way toward preventing a lengthy open ticket time.

This AI is meant to be conversational, but it practices this art with great skill. Answers were succint but full of information, presented in a way that it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to a bot, and just…cool.

I asked it a handful of questions, sometimes going off to work on a bit of exploration, but could return to ask a new question, and it seemed to inherently present information, meaning it knew that it had already provided me some context that it didn’t need to include in the subsequent response.

It’s not perfect by any means, and the solutions it provides don’t always seem to be correct, although they appear to be simply because of the matter-of-factual way in which the result is presented.

I have a vague understanding of how the machine behind the AI works, but the results are astounding. As a bloke who likes to learn new things and find solutions to problems, I have what I like to call strong ‘google-fu’; the ability to search google and get good results, then follow the best links to the desired info quickly. It’s the basis of tech support, as it’s impossible to contain all the necessary information for supporting the gargantuan myriad of things that can go wrong, even in a well known system.

As of this moment I have moved on from tech-support, but if I get difficult questions of my own in the future, be sure that I’ll be using OpenAI’s chat bot to answer them.



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By ~/j__r0d, 2022-12-06