Second First Post

Let’s get this started for a second time! I managed to squash the first attempt at creating this hugo website by clobbering the files I’d edited using github. I would still call myself a github novice, and sometimes it shows. Hopefully this time there’s less mess. I have started out correctly by getting all the github repository links set up before making any changes, so that I can commit changes as I make them now, as intended.

j__r0d’s First Post

This post was salvaged from my first attempt at making a hugo website, before I obliterated it accidentally I have decided it is finally time to figure out how to host a Hugo website. My current website has been ‘under construction’ for 2 years. May this blog serve as my 📢to the world! I actually tried to do this one day a few weeks ago, but I was stumped by some of the ’larger picture’ details of how to properly implement a functional site.

The online presence for j__r0d’s garage network, a personal homelab